Vehicle OEMs With The Following Job Titles:

  • Director of Hybrid & Electric Vehicles
  • Chief Engineer Hybrid & Electric Vehicles
  • Chief Engineer New Transmissions
  • Director of Powertrain
  • Head of Powertrain Engineering
  • Head of Hybrid Development
  • Head of Battery Technology
  • Manager of Hybrid Technology
  • Manager Hybrid Vehicle Integration
  • Manager Hybrid Power Electronics
  • Technical Specialist - Hybrids, Batteries, Engines
  • Senior Engineer Hybrid Transmission

Plus Industry Stakeholders From...

  • Engine Manufacturers
  • Battery Manufacturers
  • Battery Pack & Vehicle Level Integration Specialists
  • Battery Management System Manufacturers
  • Thermal Management Providers
  • Capacitor Manufacturers
  • Transmission Manufacturers
  • Inverter Manufacturers
  • Motor Manufacturers
  • Charging System Manufacturers
  • Control/Management System Suppliers
  • Material Suppliers
  • Modelling And Simulation Providers
  • Testing & Safety Specialists
  • Consultants
  • Regulatory Bodies
  • Research and Development Institutes


AVERE was founded in 1978 in order to promote the widespread use of electric vehicles in Europe and Africa.

It is a non-profit making association and European network of predominantly national associations whose members include Users, NGOs, Associations, Interest Groups, Public Bodies, Research & Development Entities, Vehicle & Equipment Manufacturers and Electricity Utilities.

AVERE is composed of 17 National Associations, two European networks: CITELEC - Association of European Cities interested in Electric Vehicles and EURELECTRIC - Union of the Electricity Industry, as well as direct members, with more countries including new member states in the process of joining.

In total there are over 1000 direct and indirect members.  

AVERE forms the World Electric Vehicle Association (WEVA) together with EVAAP - covering Asia Pacific and EDTA - covering the Americas.

AVERE, share with the other members of the WEVA, the property rights to organise the periodic International Electric Vehicles Symposium (EVS) which has been hold for more than 40 years and 26 editions.

The 27th Edition will take place 17-20 November 2013. AVERE also collaborates in regional events in different countries and in many specialized conferences and workshops.  

Today, its main objective is to champion the use of Battery, Hybrid and Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles as the principal means of powering personal, fleet and freight transportation.

In this manner, AVERE is leading the way to a green and sustainable mobility.

For more information please visit: http://www.avere.org/www/index.php

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  • Be part of the first event in Europe dedicated to hybrid powertrain technology, with comprehensive assessment of component advancements, system level efficiencies and arrangement selection strategies
  • Benefit from an OEM-led agenda, hosting 20+ hybrid powertrain managers, senior engineers and technical specialists as they address the most effective balance of cost, performance and commercial viability for hybrid powertrains
  • Learn about the latest technical advancements in key powertrain components such as batteries, motors, engines, and transmissions to advance base level technical performance
  • Capitalise on advanced system level analysis studying efforts to maximise integration, packaging and control system efficiency in luxury and mass market vehicles
  • Gain insights into the latest customer usage profile data to ensure hybrid powertrain development is geared towards customer requirements
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